How A Visitor Centre Helps Promote Sarawak to The World?

In 2018, we had the chance to create a visitor centre in Singapore aimed at promoting tourism and trade for Sarawak. The Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office (STATOS) located at Robinson Road Singapore represents Sarawak in many aspects including culture, food, nature, key economic sectors and many more. This project was an initiative proposed by the State Government of Sarawak to open up new opportunities for investments into Sarawak.

Since STATOS is located at the heart of Singapore’s commercial centre, it has a high visibility from passing traffic and pedestrians. The modern design concept that we created is fresh, interactive and engaging for the visitors, it features various local products, traditional crafts and cultural heritage from Sarawak, accompanied by the digital contents that we produced to give visitors an insight into Sarawak’s beauty and the many unique investment opportunities that the State offers to the world.